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2019-01-10Israel Reyes

Greetings HCF!

Below is a brief overview of the changes found in 1901. In addition, some of the planned changes currently in the works.

• The Honolulu One dep was updated to Honolulu Two dep. Visually no real change. The restrictions listed on the chart is where the changes can be noted.
• Added the Stacey Two departure at Maui.
• Added the Lihue Five and Richie Two departures at Lihue. (text for 1902)

No Changes.

Future Changes:
• Text will be added to Lihue SIDs. (Projected for 1902)
• Updated MVA diagram for HCF. (Projected for 1902)
• Updated MVA diagram for OGG. (No Projection)
• Updated MVA diagram for ITO. (No Projection)

As usual, if you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to me. [email protected]


Christian Birch was promoted to Mentor!2019-01-08
Christian Birch received their Honolulu TRACON certification!2019-01-03
Tyler Maxson earned their S1 rating!2018-12-30


HNL CenterOffline
HNL AirportOffline
OGG AirportOffline
ITO AirportOffline


HNL AirportRunway 8L, 8R, 4R
OGG AirportRunway 2, 5
ITO AirportRunway 21, 26
LNY AirportRunway 3
MKK AirportRunway 5, 35
GUM AirportRunway 6L, 6R
UAM AirportRunway 6L, 6R

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